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Boiler Service in West End Glasgow & Surrounding Areas

Get your boiler serviced in West End Glasgow today. With many accreditations and a wealth of happy customers, we’re not only reliable but affordable, with boiler servicing at £110 per year for new customers.

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We are West End Glasgow's Choice for all things boiler-related. With years of expertise and a wealth of many customers who'd happily agree!


We have a large amount of valuable accreditations that you can trust, such as being WHICH Trusted Traders and Diamond Accredited Installers.

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Our boiler servicing has your own needs in mind. We have a self-serve booking form that will allow you to select your own date/time immediately for your repair.

Boiler Repair and Servicing by Our Gas Safe Registered Engineers in West End Glasgow

A poorly maintained boiler can lead to high energy bills, gas fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Annual boiler services by a Gas Safe Registered engineer can help keep your new boiler operating at peak efficiency while protecting your family from the potential danger of an ill-kept unit.

At The Glasgow Boiler Company, we have our Gas Safety Certificate to inspect gas appliances and central heating systems for leaks, damage, age, and other weaknesses.

You should have a boiler service West End Glasgow engineer inspect your gas boiler annually to look for water leaks, corrosion and test for any dangerous gas leaks or fumes.

Get a free boiler service in West End Glasgow on our boiler cover package for £7.50

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Our Boiler Services FAQ's

We offer a range of boiler installation and boiler repair services in West End Glasgow for different boilers. We can install, service, inspect, and repair:

  • combi boilers 
  • system boilers 
  • regular boilers with water storage tanks
  • electric boilers

During a boiler service appointment, we can inspect for signs that you may need boiler repair or replacement.

If your water or heating isn’t warm enough, or you hear strange noises when you turn on your heating system, you may need boiler repair.

At the Glasgow Boiler Company, we can inspect your current boiler system to determine if parts require replacement or ensure that you have the right boiler for your usage.

For example, a combi boiler heats water as soon as someone in the home turns on a hot water tap. Without a storage tank, the water may not get hot if several sources in your home call for hot water. You may prefer a boiler replacement to ensure hot water throughout your home.

During your boiler servicing inspection, we may find signs of a dangerous gas leak or other problem. Then, we can take steps to begin the repair or replacement of your boiler system immediately.

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